Bear River High School


"Just to be heard!" is the desire of most teens at some point in their life. They want to be understood and what better way than through their own art. Bear Variations uses the best of BRHS in writing, drawing, photography, and sculpture. We are proud of work our students generate and want to share it with everyone. The Bear Variations collects contributions all year, compiles them starting in March, and prints and sells the final product in May. If you are interested in being part of this magic, submit your work on this website, or through Google Drive to Interested in being on staff in March? Come find Mrs. Jensen in room 213. 

Bear Variations is a student based publication. All artwork and writing is submitted by BRHS students throughout the year. A staff of students compiles the art and publishes the book once a year in May. Work submitted to this publication is the views of individual students and does not necessarily reflect the views of the school.


Contact Information

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Phone: 1(435) 257-2500

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